To help children, youth, families and individuals overcome the challenges of life in the inner-city.


The vision of Crossroads Youth Intervention (CRYI) is to bring restoration and wholeness to the community.  Our goal is to bring recovery to broken relationships;  whether broken lives, broken families, broken social and spiritual relationships, they all add up to a destabilized community.  To achieve community reconciliation we provide a variety of outreach efforts.


In principle one of our key priorities is to strive for a higher standard of integrity in all that we do.  For success, it is imperative that we maintain a disciplined code of ethics in our personal and professional conduct.  Integrity and Judeo - Christian ethics coupled with hard work, commitment, faithfulness, and perseverance form the basis of excellence.  Therefore, when we serve our community we do it with a diligent effort and a commitment to make a measurable difference.

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CRYi at Monti's Restaurant Tue., December 17, 2013